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Why Get A New Website

4/23/2012 4:13:00 PM -- Ted Krapf

When customers visit your website does it look like a time capsule?  Was Bill Clinton still in office the last time you updated your site?

Customers want to see new content; it's not a question of, it's a demand.  Take Facebook as example, do you know why gets over ONE BILLION hours of use daily?  It's because people have, arguably, become addicted to looking -- looking at refreshing content.  What's new with their friends and family?  Has anyone commented on my profile? Etc, etc.  

We all know that the focus of your business operations probably doesn't include your website.  For most it's an after thought.  For many your website was created so you 'just had one'.  While this at least gets you to the game, you are still sitting on the bench and not playing.

Ask yourself this simple question: could my website be replaced by a phone book listing?  Is the only feedback you get from customers about your site was that they found your phone number on it?  Perhaps it's time to get a little more content up there!

Many websites require a programmer to make changes.  If you are a programmer or have a basic understanding of HTML/CSS you may be able to hack your way through some changes, edits and additions to your site.  But what providing more dynamic content?  How about having your marketing person put your latest ad or post card on your home page?  Hmm, your marketer will probably shrug and say, "I don't know how that works".

With a properly created website, with a content management system (CMS), the website becomes as easy to edit as writing an email or creating a simple flyer in Word.  How the CMS works isn't really your concern.  I don't care how the combustion engine in my car works, it just does and gets me from A to B.  When you have a skilled professional create the framework for your site on top of a robust CMS the end result is a car that drives oh so sweet.

To upgrade your existing site to something you can work with yourself, seek out a business partner that can provide you with a CMS based website.  And most importantly, I always recommend working with a long established team that is local to you.  Being able to meet face to face or know the person responsible for your technology is a great advantage over the alternative.

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